Slap Battles codes February 2024

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February 25, 2024 We’re searching hard for new Slap Battle codes.

What are the new Slap Battles codes? In this Roblox experience, the only thing that matters is getting the most slaps. For each one you get, you can work your way closer to having the most destructive palm in the galaxy.

So, if you want to have the most powerful slapping hand, you’ll need to work for it. There are plenty of other Roblox experiences out there if this one loses its appeal, and we have the latest freebies for the likes of Blade Ball codes, Anime Last Stand codes, and Toilet Tower Defense codes. Without further ado, these Slap Battles codes will give you a bit of a boost to get started.

New Slap Battles codes

Here are all the active Slap Battles codes:

  • LoneOrange – Slaps x100
  • Beginner – Slaps x75

Expired codes

  • HappyNewYear
  • ArcWasHere
  • OneMillionLikes
  • BobaWasHere

How to redeem Slap Battles codes

Here is how to redeem Slap Battles codes:

  • Go to Twitter (X) and follow @Slap_BattlesRBX.
  • Open Slap Battles from the official Roblox page.
  • Click the bird icon to open the Codes box
  • Enter your Twitter username and click Verify @username.
  • You can now enter codes into the codes section. Type in your code and click Redeem for your free slaps.

When you enter codes, you’ll either get a green message saying the code was successfully entered or a red message describing an error, such as an expired or invalid code.

How to get more Slap Battles codes

The easiest way is to check this page frequently, as we’ll update it whenever there are new Slap Battles codes. However, for those who prefer to look for themselves, you should already be signed up to the @Slap_BattlesRBX Twitter (X) profile so that you can find some there. Alternatively, the official Slap Battles Roblox website has links to the game’s Discord and Roblox Group pages.

When is the next Slap Battles update?

According to the official Twitter account, the next update is coming on Friday, February 16, 2024, and has a teaser image showing a shadowy figure with the words “An entity has breached containment… I wonder what it could be?” above it.

Those are all the Slap Battles codes, but there are plenty more available for the best Roblox games out there. We also have a list of some Roblox promo codes and Roblox music codes that will work on most, if not all, experiences.

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