Some Destiny 2 mods are disabled following bizarre exploit

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Some Destiny 2 armor mods are disabled after players discovered an “infinite ability” exploit, which effectively granted an endless cycle of Super energy in the FPS game. The exploit allowed Destiny 2 Guardians to gain infinite energy, which they could then leverage for continuous Super and other ability regeneration.

On July 18, Bungie tweeted that it had disabled the Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Impact Induction, and Momentum Transfer mods due to an issue. Although the tweet didn’t specify the problem, players quickly surmised it was due to an exploit first shared by YouTuber ‘InSaNeGaMeR300,’ which YouTuber Cheese Forever soon found and shared with a much wider audience.

Guardians could trigger the exploit by equipping two sets of gauntlets. One would have one of the listed mods equipped, with the other would have two or more of them. Players could then trigger the exploit by throwing a grenade or using their melee ability, then rapidly swapping their equipped gauntlet with the other gauntlet. This would trigger an instant ability effect.

Bungie’s decision to disable the mods comes on the heels of a recent decision to disable another popular mod, Utility Kickstart. The inability to use these armor mods is frustrating to players, who can spend hours combining Aspects, Fragments, weapons, Exotic armor, and mods in order to develop the most powerful loadouts possible. Such builds are often necessary for players pursuing endgame content, such as Master raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls.

This group of mods may be particularly burdensome to lose, as they all grant ability energy when players dealing damage with a different ability. So, for example, players with grenade-focused builds might equip Momentum Transfer, wherein causing damage with a grenade reduces melee cooldown, shortening the time required for them to restore their melee.

Bungie hasn’t given a timeline as to when it will reinstate these mods in its popular multiplayer game. Unfortunately, it could take some time for the development team to roll out a fix. Bungie disabled the Utility Kickstart for similar reasons more than ten days ago, and has not commented on when players can expect it to return to the game.

Some Destiny 2 mods are disabled after ridiculous exploit surfaces: A player fights a Hive enemy during the Solstice event.

The mod deactivation came just as Bungie launched its annual Destiny 2 Solstice celebration, which will require players to undertake a substantial grind over the course of the next few weeks should they hope to earn the Solstice Seal and Flamebreaker title. The event is open to all players in one of the best free games available and is not connected to DLC.

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