Sonic Frontiers — How to uncap the framerate on PC

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Sonic Frontiers being locked to 60 fps on PC was a bit of an unwelcome surprise. Then again, there are still a fair amount of Japanese games that fit that mold. But not only is there a fairly easy way to get around this, but the game runs splendidly at higher framerates without requiring any ridiculous hardware. If you’re inclined to uncap the framerate in Sonic Frontiers and get a big boost to your fps, you’ll need to download a couple of things, one of which requires an installation. But it’s a program you may already have installed. Here’s how to get the game running at the speed of sound.

First, you’re going to need to download Cheat Engine. All you need to do is follow the link and install it, but watch out for the other things it wants to put on your machine with the installer. You can decline or skip these, but just don’t randomly accept everything when you’re going through. Now download the cheat table created by modder and Steam user KingKrouch right here (Note: PC Invasion is not responsible for the above and offers no guarantees for the efficacy or safety of any external downloads, so exercise caution.)


Here’s how to uncap the framerate in Sonic Frontiers

After Cheat Engine is installed, start Sonic Frontiers and then alt-tab out of it. You can open the cheat table you downloaded by double-clicking it and opening it with Cheat Engine, if it doesn’t default to that automatically.  In the top-left corner of the Cheat Engine program, you’ll see an icon of a monitor with a magnifying glass over it, click that and select the game process. If it asks you to keep the active code, say no. It then asks if you want to load the related cheat table, so say yes. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see two boxes with lines next to them like so.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Right-click the top one and select “change this record” and then click “value.” The number to the right will turn red. Delete the number and enter whatever you’d like the new frame limit to be. Bring the game up again and you should see it running at the new limit. Do note that having higher framerates makes level 4-3 impossible to complete. Sonic may also get stuck in a light dash (when he zooms through a straight line of rings.) Aside from that, the game runs flawlessly for me at 120 fps, so uncap the framerate and enjoy a much smoother Sonic Frontiers. Special thanks to KingKrouch for creating and distributing the cheat table.


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