Soulslike RPG There Is No Light has impressively gory pixel art

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Soulslike RPG There Is No Light has launched on Steam, and its goal appears to be to show the world just how gory a pixel-art style can get. The brutal indie game casts you as the father of a child who has been taken deep into the underworld by a cruel new god.

There Is No Light isn’t merely gory – the art style is striking throughout, and the carefully hand-crafted environments and lighting can be stunning to look at, when you’re not splattering them with monster blood. From the lovely environments to the revolting giant monster designs, it’s a visual feast.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. This is a challenging game with a focus on combat – you can fluidly swap between four weapons on the fly, and you’ll need them all in order to take on the more than 70 types of enemies and bosses you’ll find in the labyrinthine underworld.

There Is No Light is available now on Steam.

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