Star Citizen is a free game right now, but you’ll have to be quick

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Star Citizen often offers opportunities for new players to hop into its expansive space setting for free, and this year’s return of the annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is no exception. With over two million dollars raised through its original Kickstarter alone and frequent updates, Star Citizen’s early access gets closer to blossoming into Cloud Imperium’s starry full release each day. The current event’s free access gives you the chance to experience the game as it evolves.

Over a decade after its initial reveal, Star Citizen continues to dominate as one of the most highly anticipated space games. If you’re a lover of all things space but haven’t yet had the opportunity to hop into Star Citizen and see if it’s your kind of interstellar experience, now is the perfect time to dip your toes into its setting beyond the stars as it’s free for a limited time during the annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo.

You can play without paying from now until Thursday, November 30. During the IAE 2953 period, you’ll be able to experience the game’s new tutorials, test out over 130 spaceships, and snag a discounted starter pack. Cloud Imperium also says that starting Monday, November 27, you’ll have access to fleet meetups, PvP events, racing events, screenshot competitions, and other limited-time events.

As Cloud Imperium’s new single-player mode Star Citizen Squadron 42 approaches its launch, the IAE 2953 event offers a free and not-so-daunting opportunity to learn the game’s ropes with the help of its dedicated community. With a new game mode approaching and the event underway, new and old players alike are enjoying Star Citizen during this pivotal time.

The unique sci-fi game is seriously ambitious and only seems to grow, with hundreds of thousands of active monthly players currently according to MMO Population. Star Citizen’s estimates show over 20 million total players, making it one of the most-played online games globally. For reference, this means Cloud Imperium’s game is bigger than the likes of Guild Wars 2 and RuneScape.

It’s also exceptionally well-funded, even when compared to triple-A behemoths. Star Citizen’s funding exceeds Cyberpunk, GTA 5, and RDR 2’s combined, with more than $600,000,000 raised for its development. Each time the community raises enough money to hit a milestone, Cloud Imperium works toward a new goal in return, like additional gameplay content or ships you can collect. You can track the game’s progress and goals on the Roberts Space Industries website.

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