Superbia weapon best skills guide

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There are a handful of weapons that you can wield in There Is No Light. One of these is the Superbia, which you can obtain by progressing further down a particular zone. This armament’s moves are slightly more complicated compared to the Omen Sword owing to the “overheat” mechanic. Here’s our There Is No Light guide to help you with the best skills for the Superbia weapon.

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There Is No Light Superbia weapon best skills guide

How to get the Superbia

The Superbia weapon in There Is No Light can be found by trekking down a particular branch. While in Central Station, you’ll want to head to the lower-left exit. This takes you to Path of Sorrow, followed by Mind of a Fool, and, finally, the Abyss.

The Abyss is where you’ll find a small town called New Moon. You’ll sail through waterways to obtain items that will unlock a large doorway in the northern part of the town.

Enter the doorway to fight a boss named Fatuo Maxima. This monster has fairly slow attacks, making it quite a pushover. But, you’re not done yet. Once this boss is downed, it will transform into the actual Superbia opponent. There are various dangers here such as tentacles and poisonous abilities.

After eliminating your foe, Blondie will claim its essence. You’ll then get teleported to Samedi’s realm where you’ll learn how to use the weapon.

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Superbia best skills and usage

As mentioned earlier, the Superbia in There Is No Light uses the overheat mechanic. Its attacks are significantly faster compared to other weapons, and this goes in line with the Rage Meter buildup. Once full, you must activate the special ability (i.e., “A” button on the gamepad), which creates an AoE shockwave. Doing so will also disable the Superbia for a few seconds. It can be a hassle, especially when you’re spamming normal attacks only to realize that the special move has to be used. That also means switching to the Omen Sword or another weapon periodically.

Note: If you hold down the ability button, your character gains a temporary buff to his movement and attack speed.

There Is No Light Superbia Weapon Skills Guide 1

In any case, here are what I consider the best skills for the Superbia in There Is No Light:

  • Rage Control: Each hit generates less rage – This lets you avoid triggering the overheat mechanic too quickly.
  • Recovery: Superbia recovers faster after being broken – Decreases the cooldown after overheating.
  • Fast Pace: Gain an extra dash when using Superbia – A great perk that improves mobility and evasion.
  • Stun: The last hit of the Superbia combo deals +2 damage, detonates bombs, and interrupts special attacks – You probably won’t notice this often, but it can save your character’s life thanks to the extra interrupt.

There Is No Light Superbia Weapon Skills Guide 2

There Is No Light is available via Steam.

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