Sword Key, Sword Safe, and Incinerator Room puzzle guide

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Early on in Signalis, you’ll need to gather a bunch of items just to open a locked door. One requirement, in particular, tends to be more involved, as there are several related clues and tasks. Here’s our Signalis guide to help you solve the Incinerator Room and Sword Safe puzzles, just so you can grab the Sword Key.

Note: We’ll have a Signalis guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.


Signalis: Sword Key, Sword Safe, and Incinerator Room puzzle guide

Radio frequency

If you want to open the Sword Safe in Signalis, you’ll need the all-important document from the Interrogation Room in the B2 section of the facility. This tells you the different frequencies that you can tune your radio to, which will then show a particular string of numbers. In my case, the Sword frequency was 244.000.

Note: It’s possible that some frequencies or codes will be different, so just consider this a general outline of what you need to watch out for.

Sword document

Next, you’ll find the Sword document on a chair in the B3 Waiting Room. It’s the same place that has the 5-Lock Door, the centerpiece puzzle in this chapter.

The document will show several letters and numbers, arranged akin to a keypad. However, one letter is blurred. I’ll explain more in a while.

Sword Safe puzzle

As for the Sword Safe, you’ll find it in the Nurse Station also in the B3 area (it’s at the end of the South Corridor). The Eule replicant is here, and the safe is at the back. It’s somewhat unique in that the selections are all letters instead of numbers.

Let’s recap:

  • Tune the radio to the 244.000khz frequency. You should see five numbers. In my case, I got 14580.
  • Next, check the Sword document to see what each letter corresponds to numerically.
  • Although the document has a blurred letter, you should see the outlier since the keypad has all of them. In this case, “F” is the blurred letter.

With both of these clues, we can see that 14580 would be A-H-S-F-E. Press those letters in that sequence on the keypad, and hit the safe’s enter button to open it.

Inside, you’ll find the Eidetic Module and Incinerator Room Key. The former lets you take pictures so you can remember some clues (though simply taking a screenshot with your computer and checking your screenshot folder is more viable). The latter, meanwhile, is what we need for the next puzzle.

Signalis Sword Key Sword Safe Incinerator Room Puzzle Guide 5 Lock Puzzle 2c

Incinerator Room puzzle

Make your way to the end of B3’s North Corridor to reach the Morgue. Run past the enemies and unlock the door using the Incinerator Room Key.

Inside, you’ll find a machine that has three components and a dial for each one — CO2, Gas, and O2.

The goal here is to set just the right amounts by moving the dials. You can do this by clicking to the left or right of each dial to decrease or increase it respectively. Then, pull the lever to see the result.

Signalis Sword Key Sword Safe Incinerator Room Puzzle Guide 5 Lock Puzzle 4a

As you can see in the image above:

  • The CO2 and O2 panels are lit, with an arrow pointing up. This means value is too high, so you have to decrease it using the dial.
  • The Gas panel is lit, with an arrow pointing down. This means the value is too low, so you have to increase it using the dial.

There’s a bit of trial and error involved, so don’t worry about it. Once you get the correct result, you’ll be able to open the compartment to the right. This allows you to pick up the Sword Key in Signalis, and you’ll be one step closer to opening the 5-Lock Door.

Signalis Sword Key Sword Safe Incinerator Room Puzzle Guide 5 Lock Puzzle 4b

Signalis is available via Steam.

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