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How to get the alternate ending in Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom

Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom includes a whole new storyline to follow about the lost tribe of Yaesha and an ancient stone called Lydusa. It’s up to you to stop Lydusa’s vengeful wrath in this dark and thrilling DLC. After beating The Forgotten […]


Medieval Kingdom Sim Norland Announced

Inspired by hits like Rimworld and Crusader Kings, Long Jaunt and Hooded Horse have announced their medieval kingdom sim Norland. In this title, players will be tasked with managing a budding noble family as they navigate the trials of a […]


Best ways to farm Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Cookie Run Kingdom may be an adorable gacha game, but there’s plenty of gameplay to enjoy between each lucky pull. To crush the story and challenge others in PvP, you’ll want to have the best equipment, however. Here are the […]


Best Toppings Build for Creme Brulee Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Screenshot: Devsisters, Edited by PC Invasion Creme Brulee Cookie is a new featured character you can pull from the Cookie Run Kingdom gacha system. He’s a gifted virtuoso pianist if you’ve not seen him in the Holiday Express event. But […]


All answers for Holiday Express Chapter 3 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Screenshot: Devsisters, remixed by PC Invasion The plot thickens like syrup in this sweet yet bitter exploration of murder in Cookie Run Kingdom! You’ve been working hard, gathering clues as you crack this case, following the crumb trail. Here are […]


Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Closed Beta Registration Now Open

An all new experience as a GPS based Action RPG for mobile, players can now register for the closed beta for Disney and Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. Approximately 3,000 participants from both the United Kingdom and Australia regions will […]