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Eddy Gordo Coming to Tekken 8

Set to release in Early Access on April 1, the latest character to join Arika and Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 roster is Eddy Gordo. Making his debut in Tekken 3, Eddy Gordo uses Capoeira in his fighting style. He features […]


TEKKEN 8 Review – GamersHeroes

Overall – 90% 90% Official Score TEKKEN 8 hits hard with what could quite possibly be the best TEKKEN entry to date. Fresher than newcomer Azucena’s signature coffee blend, this title does everything in its power to make this King […]


How to do Electrics in Tekken 8

Electrics are some of the most challenging moves to pull off in Tekken 8 and are essential ‘Mishima’ tools. I’ve spent dozens of hours in the lab practicing Electrics, and I still can’t do them every time. If you want […]


Best beginner characters in Tekken 8

Picking a character in a fighting game is a big decision, especially in a title as complicated as Tekken 8. Each fighter feels different, with unique abilities. There’s also an execution barrier to consider, as some fighters are much harder […]


How to do Heat Moves in Tekken 8

Heat is the new mechanic in Tekken 8, and while the game does an admirable job explaining it, there’s a lot to take in. The worst thing you can do is ignore Heat because it’s confusing, so let me show […]


TEKKEN 8 Beginner’s Guide with TheMainManSWE Released

Get ready for this week’s release of Arika and Bandai Namco’s TEKKEN 8 with TheMainManSWE’s beginners guide for the game. When it comes to picking a character at TEKKEN 8, it’s important to pick from its 32 character roster. Each […]