Terraria 1.4.4 update introduces a huge change to building

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The Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love is almost here, and it already promises an almost unfathomable number of quality of life improvements for one of the best crafting games on PC. From a Terraria Void Bag rework that massively improves inventory space to a tweak bringing an end to corrupted Terraria jungle concerns forever, developer Re-Logic has gone above and beyond in service of its players – and it just announced another huge addition.

As revealed by Terraria YouTuber Khaios, the new Rubblemaker item is about to completely overhaul your base building potential by giving players access to just about every ambient background object – without cluttering up your inventory. If you’ve played Terraria, you’ll be familiar with the incidental background rocks, shrubs, bone piles and such that can be found scattered around the environment. Some will drop items when destroyed with a pickaxe, while others can cause critters to spawn.

The Rubblemaker is a new item that can be bought from the Goblin Tinkerer after progressing your game state to hardmode by defeating the Wall of Flesh. With the Rubblemaker equipped, you can use collected resources to build just about any of those background objects – there’s no requirement to collect them beforehand or store anything in your inventory except for the needed material, and you can quickly destroy them to get your resources back.

The type of debris and objects you can build are determined by the material you currently have selected – with up to 27 different materials having their own selection. Once you’ve chosen your material, clicking the right mouse button will toggle between differently sized objects – 1×1, 2×1, and 3×2 – and pushing up or down on your movement keys will cycle between the various options available from the currently selected pool.

So how many decorations does this enable? Over 200 different objects can be crafted, Khaios explains. You can place the piles on any blocks, not just the specific types that they can naturally spawn on, so ice blocks in the desert are perfectly doable now if that’s what you’re after. Oh, you can paint your objects too – offering an astonishing potential for build creativity.

You can even make a version of the enchanted sword shrine – but you’ll need an enchanted sword to make it, and you can’t get the unique Terragrim drop from it. Nevertheless, Khaios shows off a few cool designs they’ve created, including a very Legend of Zelda inspired shrine – even teasing that they’ve changed the look of the central piece using a method that will be revealed in a later 1.4.4 spoiler video.

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Image credit: Khaios on YouTube

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