The best ATS mods 2023 – the 11 best American Truck Simulator mods

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What are the best ATS mods in 2023? The cult -favorite trucking game is still going strong since its release all the way back in 2016. Luckily, there’s a fervent modding community behind ATS to this day, meaning you can update the base game with everything from dynamic weather effects to new truck companies and brands. Given how long the game has been out at this point, finding the very best ATS mods can be a little bit tricky in 2023. But that’s where we come in.

Here’s our picks for the best American Truck Simulator mods to download in 2023. We’ve tried to include a good variety of mod types, from visual improvements, to mods that will change aspects of the popular simulation game like navigation and in-game economy/prices.

Here are some of the best ATS mods in 2023:

No State Restriction for Owned Trailers

Have you ever tried to drive into a state, on your way to deliver cargo, and found that the trailer you’re using is actually prohibited? Well, the No State Restriction for Owned Trailers mod by Vinnie Terranova allows you to drive in all states with owned trailers, with no restrictions.

A screenshot showing Christmas cargo like Christmas Cookies in ATS

Christmas Cargo Pack

If you’re looking to get into the festive season no matter the time of year, the Christmas Cargo Pack by JBM gives you items like gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, and plum puddings to transport. It’s worth checking out some other mods by JBM throughout the year as well, because they also have packs for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

A shot of a gas station in Canada

Real Fuel Prices

One of the best ATS mods to use in 2023 is the Real Fuel Prices mod by Nener. It’s updated once or twice a month, with accurate average fuel prices across all regions of the game. You’ll need to make sure the currency is in US dollars, and the unit in US Gallons for the correct price to show, but once you’ve updated these you can enjoy ever-changing gas prices based on real-life figures and stats.

A screenshot showing the structural integrity of a truck in ATS

No Damage

No Damage by CaptainNervous is a very simple mod indeed. You won’t be able to damage your trucks and trailers at all, allowing you to focus on deliveries, and giving you a bit more peace of mind. This mod is still functional as of the latest update, meaning you can play in a slightly less stressful way if you wish. No one is going to judge you, after all.

A Road Blocked sign in ATS with the do not enter symbol overlayed on top of it

No DeadEnds

If you’re looking to add a bit more immersion to ATS, check out the No DeadEnds mod by DaStrobel. It removes all dead-ends on the map, including the white crosses that mark areas that are out of bounds. There are a couple of reasons why this is useful, namely in that you can now cut through areas, or use previously inaccessible car parks to turn around in. It can really open up the world map in ways that make getting from A to B a lot less restricted.

a shot of a highway with traffic on it

Realistic Traffic

In the base version of ATS, the traffic AI can feel a little bit sparse and basic. You can improve things by installing the ATS Realistic Traffic Density mod by Cip. It adds more realistic rush hour traffic, as well as AI that can break the speed limit at a random basis. Definitely makes ATS feel a bit more varied and alive in-game.

A shot of a fork in the road, with undiscovered paths highlighted

Undiscovered Roads

Finding 100% of discoverable roads can be quite tricky, and that’s where the Undiscovered Roads mod by Vinnie Terranova comes in. It’s allows for easier spotting of roads and prefabs that you’ve yet to find, or it can be used to spot updated roads when the map is updated. Undiscovered areas are highlighted in green on your navigation map, making it super clear where you need to go.

The promo image for the weather and effects mod in ATS

Weather and Effects

One of the best ways to get ATS feeling more dynamic and realistic is with weather mods. Weather and Effects by Zeemods enhances rain and stormy conditions, using sound balanced according to real life. You’ll get internal rain textures on windows, realistic interior rain sounds recorded from a real truck, as well as howling wind sounds.

A look at the realistic mirror mod by Truckerkid, from the perspective of the truck's cab

Realistic Mirror FOV

The main mirrors on your truck can vary in how realistic they are in ATS. The Realistic Mirror FOV mod by TruckerKid makes things more consistent, and true to how your mirrors would work in real life. Small (spot), side and hood mirrors are left unaffected.

A truck shining its lights on a nearby wall

Realistic Vehicle Lights

While ATS is certainly still a solid choice for those looking for a truck sim in 2023, the visuals are looking a bit dated. Realistic Vehicle Lights by FRKN64 really helps add an extra level of polish. You’ll be using your lights a lot, so make sure to update them to be looking as realistic and bright as possible. This mod will give you specially designed high resolution flares, improved flare visibility distances, and improved light reflections. Note that these features will also apply to AI vehicles, player vehicles and various objects in the game.

A shot of a visually improved mountain range in ATS

New Mountain Textures

Finally, we have a way to improve mountain textures in ATS. Since launch, a bunch of new areas have been added into the game, many of them featuring mountainous regions. You’re likely to spend a lot of time looking at mountains and rocky terrain while driving from job to job, so install the New Mountain Textures Mod by slavsan93 to make things more visually appealing. In the newest version of this mod, you’ll get new textures for cliffs and rocks in California and Nevada, reworked textures for red rocks in Arizona, as well as new textures for soil, sand and grass.

So here you have it, those are the best mods to install while playing ATS. If you’re looking for more action in your driving, check out our list of the best racing games. If management is more your bag, check out the best management games on PC in 2023.

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