The best FM23 wonderkids and young players

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FM23 wonderkids aren’t your average young player, they’re the cream of the crop. While still younger than 21, they often have the current ability to compete with the average top division player and have a potential so high that it would make any Champions League team blush. However, because of this, they can often cost you tens of millions in the management game, although if you’re smart you might be able to pick yourself up a bargain. If you’re looking to build a team for the future in FM23 and don’t mind developing these players, then you might bag yourself a future club legend.

So while you’re blitzing through the seasons in your beta save for the football game, we wanted to provide you with a list of some of the best wonderkids in FM23. Whether you’re looking for a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, winger, or striker, we’ve got you covered with ten of the most promising young talents on the market for each position. However, if you’re looking to seriously save some cash, look towards our guide with the best FM23 free agents, or if you’re unsure who to manage for your career, read up on the best teams to manage in FM23.


Gavin Bazunu and Anatolli Trubin offer top division quality at only 20 years old which is reflected in their higher values, while Faaris Yusufu and Charlie Setford are great value players for the future if you’re willing to put the time in. Nathaniel Nwosu is excellent value, but he may struggle to get a work permit early on.

Name Age Club Position Value/Wage
Elia Caprile 20 Bari – Italian Serie B GK £3m/£850
Gavin Bazunu 20 Manchester City – English Premier Division GK £29m/£40k
Iker Alvarez 20 Villareal – Spanish First Division GK £6m/£2k
Anatolli Trubin 20 Shakhtar Donetsk – Ukrainian Premier League GK £28m/£6k
Gabriel Slonina 18 Chelsea – English Premier Division GK £20m/£20k
Charlie Setford 18 Ajax – Dutch Eredivisie GK £2m/£440
Faaris Yusufu 17 Schalke 04 – German Bundesliga GK £2m/£1k
Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro 17 AZ Alkmaar – Dutch Eredivisie GK £6m/£530
Nathaniel Nwosu 16 Water FC – Nigerian Lower Division GK £93k/£7k
Dennis Seimen 16 VfB Stuttgart – German Bundesliga GK £11m/£60

Football Manager 2023 wonderkids: Devyne Rensch's stats


There’s a few great choices at centre-back coming out of Serie A, with Okoli and Scalvini making Atalanta a hugely inviting place to start your career. Nicola Zalewski can play all down the left side of the pitch and Devyne Rensch covers your entire defence, both providing great flexibility for their price, while Martim Fernandes is a future star right-back for a bargain price.

Name Age Club Position Value/Wage
Caleb Okoli 20 Atalanta – Italian Serie A DC £20m/£17k
Malick Thiaw 20 Milan – Italian Serie A DC, DM £14m/£17k
Giorgio Scalvini 18 Atalanta – Italian Serie A DC, DM £20m/£26k
Diego Coppola 18 Verona – Italian Serie A DC £39m/£15k
Josko Gvardiol 20 RB Leipzig – German Bundesliga DLC £36m/£59k
Nicola Zalewski 20 AS Roma – Italian Serie A D/WB/M/AML £10m/£15k
Destiny Udogie 19 Tottenham Hotspur – English Premier Division D/WB/ML £42m/£50k
Tino Livramento 19 Southampton – English Premier Division D/WBR £68m/£10k
Devyne Rensch 19 Ajax – Dutch Eredivisie DRLC, WBR, DM £29m/£19k
Martim Fernandes 16 FC Porto – Portuguese Premier League D/WBR £766k/£90

Football Manager 2023 wonderkids: Warren Zaire-Emery's stats


Camavinga, Bellingham, Gavi, Pedri and Musiala are all world-class players who will only improve, which is why you’ll have to spend a fortune to get them – but you’ll be guaranteed quality. On the other side, Faticanti, Zaïre-Emery and Güler have the potential to reach the same world-class quality in time for a much lower cost if you’re willing to put the years in to develop them.

Name Age Club Position Value/Wage
Eduardo Camavinga 19 Real Madrid – Spanish First Division DM, MC £68m/£128k
Jude Bellingham 18 Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga DM, MC £92m/£42k
Cesare Casadei 18 Chelsea – English Premier Division DM, M/AMC £19m/£13k
Gavi 17 Barcelona – Spanish First Division DM, M/AMC £54m/£124k
Giacomo Faticanti 17 AS Roma – Italian Serie A DM, MC £9m/£650
Warren Zaire-Emery 16 PSG – French Ligue 1 DM, MC £12m/£1k
Pedri 19 Barcelona – Spanish First Division MC, AMRLC £82m/£149k
Jamal Musiala 19 Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga MC, AMRLC £77m/£91k
Fabio Miretti 18 Juventus – Italian Serie A MC £37m/£9k
Arda Guler 17 Fenerbahce – Turkish Super League AMC £9m/£2k

Football Manager 2023 wonderkids: Yeremy Pino's stats


Fati and Reyna are great options down the left-wing for anyone who can afford them, but we think you should be raiding the Norwegian and Danish leagues for Schjelderup and Gulliksen, two bargain players who have some huge potential.

On the right-wing, Saka is potentially out of even the richest clubs’ grasp with his eye-watering value, but Pino, Elliott and Kayky can all fit the bill and will be competing at the same level as Saka in a few seasons time, while for those without the megabucks to spend, Prestianni at Argentinian side Vélez could be a steal at only £3m.

Name Age Club Position Value/Wage
Ansu Fati 19 Barcelona – Spanish First Division AMRL, ST £46m/£199k
Giovanni Reyna 19 Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga M/AMLC £75m/£41k
Andreas Schjelderup 18 FC Nordsjaelland – Danish 3F Superliga AML, ST £8m/£4k
Alberto Moleiro 18 Las Palmas – Spanish Second Division MC/AMLC £8m/£2k
Tobias Gulliksen 18 Stromsgodet – Norwegian Premier Division M/AMLC £2m/£610
Bukayo Saka 20 Arsenal – English Premier Division AMRL £236m/£30k
Yeremy Pino 19 Villareal – Spanish First Division AMRLC, ST £66m/£24k
Harvey Elliott 19 Liverpool – English Premier Division MC, AMRLC £55m/£45k
Kayky 19 Manchester City – English Premier Division AMR £20m/£25k
Gianluca Prestianni 16 Velez – Argentine Premier Division AMRLC £3m/£420

Football Manager 2023 wonderkids: Endrick's stats


After years of viral clips of his talents, Brazilian wonderkid Endrick is finally in Football Manager, and is a must-buy for any club who can afford him. If you can’t wait for Endrick to fully develop, Adeyemi, João Pedro and Šeško are already solid strikers with room to grow, while now perennial superstar Youssoufa Moukoko still represents as good a buy now as he has been in previous games. To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with any of these players.

Name Age Club Position Value/Wage
Joe Gelhardt 20 Leeds United – English Premier Division AMC, ST £17m/£5k
Karim Adeyemi 20 Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga AMR, ST £76m/£99k
Joao Pedro 20 Watford – English Championship AMRLC, ST £30m/£25k
Liam Delap 19 Manchester City – English Premier Division ST £19m/£8k
Benjamin Sesko 19 RB Salzburg – Austrian Bundesliga ST £21m/£10k
Youssoufa Moukoko 17 Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga ST £46m/£5k
Rodrigo Ribeiro 17 Sporting CP – Portuguese Premier League AMR, ST £6m/£3k
Mathys Tel 17 Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga AMRL, ST £45m/£66k
Emre Tezgel 16 Stoke City – English Championship ST £12m/£180
Endrick 16 SEP – Brazilian National First Division AMR, ST £13m/£40

Any one of these players would be an excellent buy if you have the money to spend. While the likes of Saka, Pedri and Fati are probably unaffordable for all but the PSGs and Manchester Citys of the world, they’re worth the money as they’re already Champions League quality and are only going to get better over time.

For mid table teams, especially those in the English Premier League with a bit more cash, there are affordable players in every position that will easily slot into your starting 11 and will develop into world-class players during your rise to the top. Players like Trubin, Thiaw, Miretti and João Pedro are all already solid players available for less than £50m, and if you manage to poach a couple, they could be the perfect kinds of players to start building a team around.

And while there might not be such a thing as a ‘cheap’ wonderkid per-se, there are certainly some bargains to be had if you know where to look. Smaller European leagues can provide some hidden gems such as Fernandes and Ribeiro in Portugal or Schjelderup and Gulliksen in Norway, while you can never go wrong scouting out Brazil and Argentina where the second coming of Ronaldo, Endrick, is just waiting for you to pick him up.

Finally, while already established wonderkids like Gavi, Pedri, and Fati at Barcelona will always be present in the game no matter what leagues you load in, players at smaller teams such as Schjelderup and Gulliksen in Norway and Denmark may require you to have their leagues playable for them to feature in the database (you can always remove them afterwards if you want).

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