The first Lost Ark September update is all about improvements

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The Lost Ark September update releases September 7, and it’s full of tweaks and changes to make almost every aspect of the MMO game feel and play better. What it doesn’t do is add any new content. The Machinist class and Kakul-Saydon raid are scheduled for later in September, though as always Smilegate and Amazon don’t have a set time frame for these updates.

First up for September’s first update is a suite of adjustments that make jumping inn at the Proving Ground significantly less annoying. You can skip the cinematics at the start of a PvP match, while the introduction sequence and placement selection menu have had their timers shortened. There’s also a camera you can move freely in Team Deathmatch modes.

The Stronghold pet vendor has new items for sale and an easier method of figuring out which quests are Stronghold quests. It’s easier to visit other players’ Strongholds or invite them to your own, and if you’ve bemoaned the tedium of setting up props before, there’s a new feature that makes it easier. You can now set up a prop and its associated items from a single placement menu and purchase any missing pieces from there as well.

You can tweak more settings, including cards and engravings, in the Trixion Training Center, and there’s (finally) a guild group chat option with five separate guild chat rooms. It’s easier than ever to find your guild tasks, and there’s been some balancing to guild skills, which you can now change at will.

Check out the full list of changes and patch notes on the official Lost Ark site.

If waiting on the beefier update and new class is a bit too much to handle, there’s plenty of other Lost Ark classes to pick from, and we’ve got the build guides to help make the switch. Check out our Arcanist build and Glaivier build for two of the more recent class additions.

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