The Rust September update adds a brutal new mode to the survival game

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The big Rust September update is just around the corner, adding a brutal new mode to the survival game and streamlining some of the crafting interfaces. There’s also a few smaller changes on the way, such as alterations to how you access the clan menu and some model and texture improvements, including a more realistic-looking campfire and big flashing light switches, which is handy if you *checks notes* find yourself never being able to see light switches.


The main draw is Hardcore Mode, which certainly sounds like it’ll live up to its name. Hardcore Mode removes the map, and Rust streamer ShadowFrax, who had access to the live test version of the update, said Facepunch is reportedly taking steps to ensure you can’t access the in-game map at all, either by legitimate or sneaky means. No map means no drone marketplace and no MLRS Rockets, since both require the map to use properly, so if you relied on those frequently, expect to make some changes to your usual strategies.

Rust’s Hardcore Mode also removes teams, limits chat functions, and removes safe zones. You can only have five sleeping bags out at once, and your blueprints and map data get wiped every month. Ouch.

If that’s not quite the experience you’re looking for, never fear. Rust Hardcore Mode is completely separate from the main game and won’t affect it at all.

Elsewhere in the update, you can expect increased input and output from your furnaces of all sizes and some moderate improvements to coaling towers.

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