This official Palworld dating sim is the stuff of nightmares

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Pocketpair has unveiled a Palworld dating sim just in time for April Fool’s Day, with a tentative release date of April 1, 2025. The official trailer for the visual novel shows Katress, Chillet, Lovander, Zoe, and the Black Marketeer as dateable characters, and while the actual game is very much not real, I hate to admit that the trailer itself is.

I should make it absolutely clear, this is a joke. Pocketpair makes it obvious by adding an April Fool’s Day hashtag to the Palworld dating sim trailer, and it’s a good job the team did too, because not only was this uploaded on March 31 for most of the world, but at the time of publication it’s not even April 1 in Japan yet, where survival game maker Pocketpair is based.

While the dating sim itself isn’t real, the below minute and 38 seconds, on the official Pocketpair YouTube channel, very much is. At least Pocketpair notes that an “Update for Palworld is coming soon!”

“Will you remain friends or fall in love? Or dismantle and eat them… Pals take off their clothes⁉️ An adult version will also be released,” Pocketpair writes, I assume with grins on every single one of their faces, in the video description.

The truly bizarre part comes from how just a few months ago a Palworld modding Discord had to ban “vile” acts against Pals, which means exactly what you think it does.

At the time, a Discord mod wrote “It has been brought to our attention that users have been discussing the creation and glorification of non-consensual acts against the Pals […] NSFW mods that allow the player to commit non-consensual acts are not allowed to be made, shared, or discussed at ALL.”

If you’re diving back into Pocketpair’s smash hit, we’ve got everything you need to know about the Palworld map, alongside a comprehensive Palworld guide for all your needs as well.

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