Toasterball Coming to Nintendo Switch November 30

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After making waves on Steam, the wacky action of Les Crafteurs’ Toasterball will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on November 30.

Featuring easy-to-play yet hard-to-master gameplay that revolves around physics, players will pick their toaster du jour that are made up from one of 24 unique variants – all before factoring in modifiers. This, in turn, makes sure that no two matches are the same.

From there, players can choose from iconic arenas like Toasterball Arena and Porto Rada, with five to choose from in all. A number of custom matches with wild rules are also available with support for 1-4 players local multiplayer.

Of course, as one would naturally expect from a game around toasters, players will have to contend with countless random situations – running the gamut from lava pits, portals, moving platforms and explosions. Those looking to rise the ranks will also be able to tackle high-level play.

Learn more with the release date trailer below:

TOASTERBALL [Nintendo Switch] – Release Date Trailer

The game is still available for the PC on Steam, currently featuring a 97% positive rating. According to Steam user DolphinBit, it is ” Literally one of the funnest indie games to come out in a while!”

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