Toasterball Now Available on Nintendo Switch

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Breakfast antics are on today’s menu with this week’s release of Les Crafteurs’ Toasterball for the Nintendo Switch.

A multiplayer physics-based sports game – with toasters – Toasterball features support for up to four players. Beep, Boop, and Bleep-Bloop are also on call as AI toasters in case the situation calls for it.

Chaotic physics, random situations, electrical hazards, and more irregular antics will keep players on their toes. Each time a player scores a goal, a random gameplay variant is then selected. This ensures that no two matches play out the same. Toasterball also features a “Custom Mode” option that lets players choose their favorite variants, with 24 to choose from in all.

One can also expect a learning curve with its pro moves and set of gameplay variants.

See it for yourself with the Nintendo Switch launch trailer for the game below:

TOASTERBALL [Nintendo Switch] – Out NOW!

All those interested can get Toasterball through its page on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

For those on the PC, Toasterball can also be purchased via its official Steam page. With 175 reviews to date, it currently sits at “Very Positive” as of December 1.

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