Total War: Warhammer 3 – A mission briefing for new Commanders

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Combining the intricate lore of Warhammer with the classic gameplay of the Total War series has given rise to a devoted following for Total War: Warhammer 3. Fans of strategy, fantasy, and tabletop-style combat alike have come together over the unique gameplay, commanding great armies of demons and monsters.

If you’ve so far missed the excitement, here’s where you strap on your boots. It’s time to pick up the helm of Commander and receive your mission briefing, as your attempt at the Realm of Chaos campaign gets underway. Get ready to decide on your allegiances, and march toward the elusive Chaos Rifts, with the Realm in your sights.

Welcome, Commander, to your mission briefing.

Heart and soul

Your mission is to defend the mortal world from the invading forces of Chaos, which is no mean feat. To unlock the campaign, you’ll first need to build and strengthen your army, spreading across your own private empire, until the four Chaos Rifts appear across the Realm. Find your strongest men (or beasts) and head through each in turn, pushing ever-closer to claiming the soul of the Daemon Prince within.

These four Rifts lead to four Realms – Khorne: The Blood God’s Domain, Tzeentch: Realm of the Sorcerer, Slaanesh: The Dark Prince’s Realm, and Nurgle: Land of the Plaguelord. Don’t expect a welcoming committee, as these sinister lands hold only death and destruction. Take up arms and battle your way through – the soul of the guardian Daemon will be yours for the taking once you prove yourself worthy.

But beware, once you have three of the four fabled souls, you’ll face your biggest challenge yet: the Shadow Legion, led by the fearsome Be’lakor. From then on, your search will become more difficult, constantly besieged by these hardy units. Closing the rifts that form around you is the only way to keep them under control.

Choose your path

Whichever Realm you choose to enter first, you must eventually take them all. Each has its own armies, map, and loot – alongside the coveted Daemon soul.

Entering The Blood God’s Domain leaves you open to attack from Rogue Armies and Brazen Thorne, monsters and men cursed to fight endlessly in this fiery land. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the haunting splendour of the Brass Citadel, or the glowing lights of the eternal forge’s fires – your goal is simply to march forward and defeat Khorne’s Daemon Prince, the Gatekeeper. The longer you hang around in this cursed place, the more you’ll lose your Leadership Aura and Control.

Use the Chaos Rifts to emerge in the Land of the Sorcerer, and find yourself trapped on an ever-shifting archipelago. Don’t let the changing paths distract you from your goal, but remember that moving from one island to another could land you almost anywhere on the map. The armies of the All-Seeing Eye will hunt you down ruthlessly, but once you reach the illusive Impossible Fortress, you’ll come face-to-face(s) with the horrifying shapeshifting Librarian, Tzeentch’s Daemon Prince. Take his soul and leave while you still can.

Heading to the Land of the Plaguelord requires caution, and a sturdy constitution. This repulsive, rotting land is filled with the gas rising from long-dead vegetation and fetid swamps, which will soon wear away at even the strongest of warriors. But have heart, steel yourself and your armies against the armies of the Bubonic Swarm, and gain immunity from the Great Tree before entering the Mansion of the Plaguelord. Once inside, you’ll be able to fight The Gardener – Nurgle’s favoured Daemon Prince – and add his soul to your collection.

If you venture into The Dark Prince’s Realm, you’ll enter a concentric hell, filled with armies of the Rapturous Excess and sinister forces hard at work. This time the distractions come thick and fast, with deadly temptations lurking within each circle, as you travel deeper inwards toward the Palace of Slaanesh. Fight and resist temptation through Avidity, Gluttony, Carnality, Paramountcy, Vainglory, and Indolency – proving your soul strong enough to take that of The Courtesan.

Find your fight

If all this sounds like a daunting challenge, it is. But fear not, as you’ll have a selection of hardy and brutal units who may be able to match up to the worst the Chaos Realm can throw your way. From ranged units equipped with armour-piercing capabilities, to heavy cavalry units, capable of closing the distance and forcing enemies into melee battle.

You’ll also be able to take the campaign at your own pace, coming back to the main map to conquer new lands and strengthen your hold. Training up your units should be a breeze once you’ve built settlements and military recruitment buildings, and your infrastructure can be designed around your needs, focusing on growth, money, or raw power. If you survive the Chaos Realm and come back as a champion, you’ll want somewhere glorious to reign over on your return. Once the Realms of Chaos are dealt with, there’s still plenty to explore…

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