Total Warhammer 3 update 2.2 will add a new Skaven endgame crisis

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The next Total War: Warhammer 3 patch should be arriving sometime around October 18, and when it arrives, you can expect a new possible endgame crisis for the big Immortal Empires combined campaign. Creative Assembly has hinted that the fantasy strategy game’s next world-ending scenario will feature the Skaven in some way, which might fall nicely in line with the way the Warhammer world ended canonically several years ago.

In the patch notes for Total War: Warhammer III hotfix 2.1.2, Creative Assembly notes that it expects to launch update 2.2 on October 18, and provides a topline list of changes we can anticipate with that patch. It should fix the end turn crash, for example, and make some needed improvements to enemy AI and settlement battles.

It also says the patch will include a new endgame crisis, with the decidedly Skaven-y sounding “yes-yes” included as a note on that point.

For those who aren’t familiar with Immortal Empires, when you begin a new campaign, you have the option of selecting one or several endgame scenarios to trigger at specific points in your playthrough. These all are based on interesting bits of Warhammer End Times lore – there’s The Black Pyramid, A Grudge Too Far, Da Biggest Waagh!, The Wild Hunt, and Vampiric Ascension available as options right now.

Normally, Immortal Empires will select from one of the crises you’ve picked to determine the way your campaign winds up. However, you can also opt for ‘ultimate crisis mode,’ which makes every selected crisis trigger together at the end of your game.

Now, in Games Workshop’s official Warhammer lore, the Old World really has come to an end, and the Skaven helped bring that apocalypse about – chiefly by blowing up the moon and causing warpstone-infused asteroids to rain down on the planet (wiping out the majority of the lizardmen in the process).

It’s not hard to imagine this kind of scenario in Immortal Empires – warpstone asteroids could show up in a way that’s mechanically similar to the daemonic portals in the Realms of Chaos campaign in Total Warhammer III.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out more when update 2.2 arrives next month.

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