Tower of Fantasy hackers are “stealing” inventories but Hotta is on it

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Tower of Fantasy hackers remain relentless despite Hotta Studio attempting to stamp them out in the anime RPG game. This time, they’ve devised a way to wipe players’ inventories by inviting them to parties, prompting an emergency hotfix from the dev team.

Warnings have spread across the Tower of Fantasy reddit, urging players not to join parties with others outside of their friend groups. “Don’t go into a party with people you don’t know!” reads one thread. “This just happened on Hephaestus server. Some guy named ETXRNAL started inviting people into his team. People who joined lost everything in their inventory. Be careful everyone.”

They then attach an image of their Reddit comment being flagged on hacker forums with the caption “posting it because someone finally figured this out today and started to abuse it in the worst way possible, and is most likely going to attempt selling this in P2C.”

A follow up comments echoes the original post. “I was one of the People who had stuff stolen by EXTRNL on Hephaestus, and over 50 red nuclei was stolen, as well as a bunch of matrix pulls. I think they may have also tried to steal matrices since they were getting randomly in equipped while in my party as well.” Their claims are backed up by a video showing their hacked account.

It’s unclear whether or not the hack allows the rule breaker to steal players items, or simply wipe their inventory. Some claim that the goal of the hack is to acquire items to sell, but at the time of writing the situation remains unclear.

Hotta, however, has been quick to retaliate, and is pulling the servers down on October 13 between 5AM and 7AM UTC in order to solve the exploit.

“We regret to inform you that we will be shutting down our servers for an emergency maintenance to ensure you have an excellent in-game experience in Tower of Fantasy,” they write, with an October 12 tweet revealing the devs are looking into “lost items in inventory under certain conditions for some players.”

Players will be granted 200 Dark Crystals as compensation, which will be delivered two hours after the server maintenance. While some feel like this enough given some players have lost entire inventories, at least the devs are attempting to right the wrong these hackers have caused. For your own safety, though, we’d advise you only party up with players you know.

Hopefully you’ll be able to regain some of your lost loot using Tower of Fantasy codes, and there’s also the Vera update to look forward to to raise your spirits. Here’s our rundown of the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 release date, locations, and banners to get you up to speed.

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