Tower of Fantasy leak shows off new cosmetics for NPCs

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Some new Tower of Fantasy leaks show off a handful of paid cosmetics for Mi-a, everyone’s favorite kitchen helper in the RPG game. Mia currently follows the Wanderer in their journey across the vast open world, but despite setting up camp and tailing you everywhere, she’s not physically there. Mia only shows up when you enter the Mia’s Kitchen sunscreen, where you can sample foods and gain party-wide buffs at certain times of the day.

However, that’s apparently going to change in Tower of Fantasy 2.0, set for release sometime in fall 2022. This recent cosmetics leak on Reddit and other leaks before it suggest Mia will follow you around physically, sort of like Paimon in Genshin Impact, except without wings and fairy powers. That the leaked Mia skins coincide with the new follow-me-Mia feature is likely not a coincidence, though as far as gacha game skins go, the Mia ones are priced comparatively well.

As commenters on Reddit pointed out, most gacha game skins set you back by $30 or so, or at least the premium ones do. Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy’s closest competitor, priced them slightly lower, with standard skins costing roughly $18 and speciality ones nearing that $30 price point. For a non-playable character, $15 seems about what you’d expect.

Either way, the leaked costumes, which include Mia with a panda bear backpack, MIa dressed like a panda bear, and Mia as a maid, should be officially announced sometime in the lead-up to Tower of Fantaasy 2.0, so expect more about these – and possibly other skins – soon.

If you’re looking to check out Hotta Studio’s open-world adventure, be head over to our Tower of Fantasy codes list to pick up some free loot, because free is always good. There’s also our rundown of all of the Tower of Fantasy characters currently available, including the ice warrior Frigg and Samir, the gunslinging, motorcycle-riding fighter who has some of the best combat potential in the game.

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