Tower of Fantasy login bonus offers chance at limited time outfits

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A Tower of Fantasy login bonus from Hotta Studio will be arriving in the multiplayer game soon, giving you the opportunity to redeem some free items just for logging in. There’s also some exclusive items that you can have a chance of getting via the RPG game’s gacha mechanics.

The Supply Run Tower of Fantasy login bonus will run for seven days, between September 26 at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / midnight BST and October 3 4pm PST / 7pm EST / midnight BST.

If you login during this time, you’ll be given five fantasy gachapon coins and 10 red nucleus in Tower of Fantasy. The coins can then be used for a chance to win some limited items like user icons and profile customisation options. There’s even some character outfits and cosmetics too, if you want to update your style.

“You can also try the clothes on even if you don’t win them! Dye them in your favourite colour and share a photo in the comments!” added the official Tower of Fantasy Twitter account.

From what players have been sharing, there’s a fair amount of customisation with the outfits as well, with three parts that can have their colour, saturation, and brightness changed. Not everyone’s happy with the outfits being limited to a tower of Fantasy login bonus though, with one player saying in response to Hotta Studio “Limited behind a gacha system. Of course it is. Good luck to anyone trying to get it and may the odds be in your favour!”

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