Tower of Fantasy players call out “misleading” descriptions

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Tower of Fantasy players are highlighting apparent issues with localisation in the free-to-play game, pointing to a series of items and skills with descriptions that they say have missing, wrong, or misleading details. The Genshin Impact-like has proven popular since its launch in August and players are already anticipating the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 release date later in September. However, some say they have become frustrated by a number of notable inconsistencies across the anime game’s text descriptions.

A thread on the Tower of Fantasy subreddit raised the issue, querying why the Samir matrix set used in the best Samir build has completely different descriptions between the in-game reward preview page and the actual item description on the matrix itself. In response, user Tankulator provided an extensive count of incorrect or misleading descriptions they have come across, calling upon other players to contribute their own findings.

Tankulator says, “At this point, no-one will know what anything in the game does any more until people go and test every little detail themselves.” Among the most notable highlights on the list is Tower of Fantasy character Meryl, whose 4000 point awakening trait causes water around your character to be automatically frozen, despite this not being mentioned anywhere in the trait’s description. Bygone Phantasm, which claims to temporarily max out your current weapon’s level and rotate on a daily bonus, no longer does this – according to YouTuber gateoo, this is the result of an older description being translated from the Chinese version.

Other noted incorrect descriptions include buffs which boost the damage of a different elemental damage type than is detailed in the text, such as C6 Hilda which claims to increase normal attack but actually affects frost damage. Players take double damage while using the damage reflection on Barbarossa Matrix, despite this not being mentioned – Tankulator speculates that this could be intended to buff the damage reflection, but asks why it is not mentioned in the description if so.

They also note that ‘Assist mode’ doesn’t stop the use of consumables in a dungeon as the description implies, but rather prevents the attempt from being consumed. There are even several instances of untranslated text and text that doesn’t fit its box correctly in the game, and recent newcomer Frigg launched with missing descriptions that suggested she had been heavily nerfed from the Chinese version of the game, although this particular fault was fixed after it was pointed out by the community.

If all this has left you unsure what to use in Tower of Fantasy, we’ve got you covered with a guide to Tower of Fantasy leveling and a Tower of Fantasy tier list, along with plenty of character build guides and information on upcoming characters such as Claudia stats and weapon abilities for the SSR character set to join in 1.5. Meanwhile, players are warning about Tower of Fantasy hackers, and a new leak has shown off some new Tower of Fantasy NPC cosmetics that are likely to arrive when the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update arrives in the coming months.

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