Triangle Strategy Steam release date revealed

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The Triangle Strategy Steam release date has been officially announced. Square Enix’s tactics RPG game – made by the same team that created the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler – will arrive on PCs October 13, and pre-orders are open now on Steam.

First revealed in the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, Triangle Strategy has been a Nintendo Switch exclusive since its launch in March this year. The edition sold on Steam is a ‘digital deluxe’ version that includes a digital mini-art book, which is abridged from the Triangle Strategy Design Works The Art of Triangle 2018 – 2022.

In Triangle Strategy, your character’s decisions influence three sets of values: utility, morality, and liberty. Depending on which of these values you favour, different story paths and potential allies become available as you make your way through the game.

However, you can’t simply enforce your will on the rest of the party. Instead, you’ll have to put important decisions to a vote, making it crucial to spend time convincing your party members to come around to your way of thinking before making any hasty decisions.

As in tactics RPGs of the past, battles unfold on fields that allow you to take advantage of height differences and character synergies. You’ll be able to flank enemy units and perform devastating follow-up attacks if you position your characters wisely.

Given the strength of the team’s previous titles – and the throwback charm of the glowy, pixel-art style – we’ll be eager to get our hands on this PC port when it arrives in October.

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