Twitch streamer proves that the Elden Ring DLC isn’t that hard at all

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The twin keys to every Elden Ring victory seem to be patience and not losing your cool. Every boss fight is designed to make you panic, hitting you with giant blasts of energy or screen-shaking attacks. Simply not panicking and remembering to use the tools available to you should see you through nearly every battle. One streamer has proven this to be true, even for the tougher Shadow of the Erdtree DLC fights.

Let’s start with a brief caveat; Twitch streamer BioticNova is good at Elden Ring. In fact, they’re very, very good at all soulslike games after years of streaming them in a variety of ways. They’ve just proved how good they are by completing all of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC with a hefty self-imposed challenge – they only used one hand on their controller and kept their character at level one throughout.

To put that in context, most recommend heading to the Land of Shadow at around level 150, when you’ve earned enough to plow points into your health, stamina, focus points, and anything else you might need. The overall consensus is that this DLC is a huge step up in difficulty from the main game – even with Scadutree Fragments – so every tiny advantage you can eke out is hugely appreciated.

Unless you’re BioticNova, that is. They’ve just sliced through every main boss in the DLC like a hot knife through butter. I find it hard enough to get through fights with both hands on a controller and with my character bordering on over-levelled, so seeing BioticNova smash through the first boss with an effortless attitude – munching on a donut as they do so – is somehow both dispiriting and aspirational at the same time.

BioticNova has posted the end of the run over on their X account (this will contain spoilers if you don’t know who the last boss of the DLC is). For many who’ve reached this juggernaut have faced a fraught, panicked affair that can make you throw your controller across the room. Meanwhile this streamer has an almost zen-like air as they put down this enemy once and for all, showing that keeping your cool even in the most chaotic of battles is a winning formula.

You can watch the full run over on BioticNova’s Twitch channel, where you can either be inspired or vow never to play again – it’s up to you.

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