Ubisoft brings back Driver as a live-action TV show

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You’ll have to watch the series through a new streaming service.

If you miss Driver games, you’ll soon get to revisit the classic open-world franchise — but not in a playable form. reports Ubisoft is producing a live-action Driver TV show that will premiere solely on Binge, a free gaming-oriented streaming service due to launch in 2022. The duo didn’t detail the plot or cast, but it won’t be surprising if the series revolves around racer-turned-undercover-agent John Tanner.

It’s unclear when the show will arrive. It’s not guaranteed to launch alongside Binge itself.

For many, the larger question may be whether or not there’s a large audience for the show. Like with the rumored Splinter Cell series, Ubisoft hasn’t touched the originating game brand in a while. The last Driver game was a 2014 free-to-play mobile title, Driver: Speedboat Paradise, and the last truly big release was 2011’s Driver: San Francisco. This also isn’t quite a timeless classic. Apart from the very first Driver and San Francisco, most games in the series have received middling reviews and the sales to match.

The series does have a premise virtually tailor-made for TV, though, with its Bullitt-inspired premise and real-world setting. And look at it this way: we wouldn’t be surprised if the show presaged the development of a new Driver game, even if it was just a show tie-in.

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