Ubisoft’s best game in years is getting multiple free updates

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is Ubisoft’s best game in years. Not only does it step out from the shadow of the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry-ification of the developer’s open worlds, but it also makes meaningful improvements to the Metroidvania genre it sits so comfortably in. Coming from Rayman Legends studio Ubisoft Montpellier, this isn’t that much of a surprise, but you’ll still be glad to know we’re getting more of the adventure. Oh, and it’ll be free too.

While I thought the story possibilities stumbled in my Prince of Persia The Lost Crown review, I was blown away by how high a bar it set for 2D movement, combat, and exploration. So, hearing we’re getting more from Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is only going to be good.

Game director Mounir Radi takes some time to thank players for supporting the game, adding that the team is “far from being done” with the Metroidvania game.

“We’ve got some cool plans for the coming months. These plans include free updates, and adding more content and modes. Modes for you to challenge, explore, and enjoy. Our first free update is coming soon,” Radi says.

Hearing that Prince of Persia The Lost Crown wants to further push our limits is amazing, as while I thought the platforming was well relegated between challenging main content and almost impossible side stuff, the combat felt a touch lacking in what it asked you to do. Fighting feels incredible in The Lost Crown, so if Ubisoft Montpellier adds in extra challenges that force you to use all your abilities in combat (and not just for a few bosses) the game is only going to get better.

If you’re yet to try the game there’s also a Prince of Persia The Lost Crown demo available now, for free.

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