Valorant patch notes for PBE update on favourite and filter features

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The Valorant patch notes for update 5.07 have been released by developer Riot Games, as the Public Beta Environment (PBE) is live now ahead of the FPS game’s main client. As part of the update on the Valorant patch notes from Riot comes progression check-ins on some upcoming features, with particular mention made of where the team is up to with Favourites and Filters.

Riot has “added the ability to favourite gun skins, Player cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies and level borders (favourites persist until un-favorited)” and “the ability to filter your collection (filters persist until next login)” between gun skins as owned/unowned and favourites/non-favourites, and all other item categories, like player cards and sprays, as well.

“In addition to being able to sort through your weapon collection and set your favourite weapons, you can now equip the Random Favorite for every weapon type. This will make it so that each game you play, you get one of your favourite weapons (along with one of the variants that you own) at random each time you enter a match.” adds Riot in the Valorant patch notes.

This is all part of the current PBE for the multiplayer game, which Valorant says will close at 11am PDT / 2pm EST / 7pm BST on Monday September 26. You can check out the full Reddit post with all the Valorant patch notes for the PBE as well, if you want a deep dive on what Riot is doing with the competitive shooter.

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