Valve improves the Steam Workshop with its first update in years

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Steam is my favorite video game library platform, and this is due largely to its continuous improvements. Valve keeps its store in good shape with regular updates, offering players a variety of PC games difficult to find elsewhere. The Steam Workshop, though, has unfortunately been updated far less frequently than other areas of the platform. While it has remained a reliable space for creators and gamers alike, there are changes that the community has looked forward to. Now with the workshop’s first update in years, Valve is implementing some of these requested improvements.

Steam has faced its fair share of improvements and updates over the years, with Valve banning shovelware games and hosting a variety of groundbreaking sales. The platform’s workshop, a space in which players can discover all sorts of content created by fans like community-made mods, maps, and items for a variety of games, has not however received any major updates specific to itself since 2016.

While the Steam Workshop has been a great, reliable tool nonetheless, a variety of suggestions have been made throughout the years regarding how Valve could improve the player space. Today on Wednesday, July 19, the workshop received an update bringing many such changes with it.

Now when you try and search within a specific game’s Steam Workshop page, the results can handle partial string matches. The search results will also be organized, prioritizing the most relevant ones by taking popularity and ratings into account. You can view the full update details on Steam’s official post here.

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