Virginia Now Available in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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The team at Gun Interactive has worked with legendary horror actress Barbara Crampton for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s newest DLC Victim, Virginia. 

Based on Crampton herself, she brought this character to life through the use of her voice over talents.

To survive against The Slaughter Family, she is able to use her Boon ability that can contaminate blood buckets with a special mixture Virginia can make at crafting tables. This substance can be thrown at a Family member to temporarily blind them. With her previous history as a nurse, this ability offers a new take on Victim gameplay. Virginia available to purchase for $9.99.

Alongside Virginia, a new free map known as The Mill is free to all players of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This map features more verticality, with more than three different floors for players to traverse. Other elements include a Ghost Town, a dry riverbed, and other points of interest.

Meanwhile, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can be purchased for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It is also available via Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox and PC. 

Fans can also stay in the loop through the official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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