What are Worthy items in Fortnite Wilds?

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No jungle is complete without some mysterious ruins, so it’s a good thing Epic sprinkled some throughout the biome at Rumble Ruins, Creeky Compound, and Shady Stilts. If you stumbled upon one of these mysterious locked vault doors, you’re probably wondering what “Worthy” items are in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds and what’s inside.

The answer to the ultimate question of why you should open these doors is for the rare loot inside the vaults. All of the vaults are different sizes, and some only have a single door. You’ll need to solve a series of riddles to pass through each set of doors in the larger vaults.

What are Worthy items in Fortnite Wilds?

You’ll need to find and sacrifice an item matching the quality of the aura on the corresponding jungle ruin vault door. Note the term “sacrifice,” because you’ll lose the item in exchange for opening the door. If you run into issues trying to open the first door, try another item quality. The auras can be a little misleading regarding seeing the differences between colors.

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Find flames

Once you get through the door asking for a “Worthy” item, you’ll enter another chamber with a new riddle. These will relate to fire or statues. If you need to solve the fire riddle, you should see some nearby braziers in the same chamber. Look for a set of braziers outside that chamber and take note of the pattern of lit and extinguished braziers. Go back to the inner chamber and match the pattern to open the next vault door.

Seek statue

The last type of riddle you’ll need to solve applies to the statues in the ruins. Find nearby statues and activate each until you find the correct statue that unlocks the vault. If you choose wrong, however, you’ll activate a rift and need to land at the ruins and try another. Keep in mind that Rifts typically attract aggressive players, so these vaults can stir up trouble for you.

Some ruins have multiple chambers, so check around until you find the right statue. You’ll then gain access to the inner vault to claim rare loot and other items. One tip we recommend is to exit via a Rift by activating one of the statues again to avoid ambushes on the way out.

All vault locations among the jungle ruins

We found five vaults in total in our quest to fully answer the mystery surrounding what “Worthy” weapons are in Fortnite. There may be more, but these appear to be all of the vault locations in the jungle for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds.

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