Where to find all Fractured Peaks strongholds in Diablo 4

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Strongholds are one of the newer activities you can do in Diablo 4. They act as points of interest, and each has its own storyline along with its own way of dealing with enemies. When you complete a Stronghold, along with getting more experience points, you get rewarded with either a Waypoint, side quests or something else. They also may become towns or hubs, where other NPCs interact. So there is an incentive to attempt them. Additionally, when you beat a Stronghold, the area will become open to seeing other players. The Beta currently has 3 of these events; follow this guide where to find all Fractured Peaks Strongholds in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Where to find all Fractured Peaks strongholds

As Blizzard Entertainment has said in a blog post, you’ll come across these Strongholds as you explore. So you may stumble across one by just wandering the world. However, to speed up the process, just follow along, and you should have an easier time locating these areas.

Malnok Stronghold

  • The first Stronghold – Malnok is located east of Kyovashad, and almost in the middle of Fractured Peaks. The easiest way to reach Malnok is by setting a Waypoint from Kyovashad eastward. There are two ways of entering the Stronghold, either from the north or the south. You’ll know you’ve hit the Stronghold when you see a red skull appear on your mini-map.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Kor Dragan Stronghold

  • To get to this Stronghold, use Kyovashad to get your bearings right. Head north and slightly east. Since Kor Dragan is located in the northeastern section of Fractured Peaks, you can run into it easier than the others. To enter Kor Dragan, there’s only one way and that’s from the south.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Nostrava Stronghold

  • Head to the westernmost section of Fractured Peaks. Getting to  Nostrava Stronghold can be a mission because the way is plagued with hordes of monsters. Unlike the other two Strongholds, where the areas are more open,  getting to this Stronghold has more narrow routes. You may get swarmed by the time you reach the Stronghold. Once you’ve reached the area, you can access the Nostrava Stronghold through the north.
Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold locationon the map

Screenshot via PC Invasion

How difficult are the strongholds

Each of these events will be a few levels higher than you, so you can either team up with a party or grind till you are ready. They’re not meant to be taken easily, so be ready for whatever comes your way.

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