Where to find all seven gold balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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Over the course of the Like a Dragon Gaiden story campaign, you can collect seven mysterious gold balls from unlikely spots around Sotenbori and beyond. This guide tells you where to find all seven gold balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Like a Dragon Gaiden – where to find all seven gold balls

When you first reach Sotenbori, you’ll probably spend some time just getting familiar with your surroundings. As you visit various shops and interact with noteworthy characters, you should notice a rare item called a gold ball. It turns out there are seven of them in the game. To find all seven gold balls, you must look all over Sotenbori and the Castle.

Once you reach Chapter 4: The Laughing Man, you will likely activate a special request called Gotta Catch ’em Balls! Before this point, you can’t gather all seven of the collectible gold balls. However, you can get a head start.

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Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finding the seven gold balls

You can collect the balls in any order, with the exception of the final gold ball (pictured above). Look in the following locations:

  • Gold ball #1 – A boat travels along Sotenbori River during the daytime. As it passes, aim at the guy who sometimes stands near its bow. You can grab a ball with your Spider from a safe distance.
  • Gold ball #2 – Once you progress in the coliseum (at the Castle) to the Silver rank, you can head upstairs to a more prestigious area. As you climb the steps, look on the underside of the giant statue to find a gold ball. A nearby NPC comments on the item.
  • Gold ball #3 – Purchase a gold ball from Akame in her hideout using 777 Akame Points.
  • Gold ball #4 – Purchase a gold ball from Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori for 77,777 yen.
  • Gold ball #5 – In the Castle on the lowest floor not far from the entrance, use the Spider device to grab a distant blue point among the stage dancers. They dancers are in the background, to the left of the main road.
  • Gold ball #6 – Trade 770 points for a gold ball at Kiss Shot Billiards.
  • Gold ball #7 – Talk to the Young Man by the river who appears once you reach the fourth chapter. He tells you of four giant turtles and their gaze. The turtles are located in the Shofukucho area. Stand in front of the turtles and look to the nearby awning to find a gold ball you can snag with the Spider.

I wound up getting the gold ball from Kiss Shot Billiards last. That’s because for a long time, I missed noticing I could spend my points on prizes. You’ll probably want to grab it much sooner.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Gold Balls Shen Posing In An Alleyway
Screenshot: PC Invasion

What to do with the seven gold balls

Once you collect all of the gold balls, visit Akame. She instructs you to visit the client, Shen, in an alleyway. Do so to turn in all seven gold balls and complete the request. Once you do, you’ll receive 15,000 Akame Points and 1,000,000 yen.

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Besides offering all sorts of ball-related wordplay that I dare not repeat here, Shen lets you make a wish. You essentially get to choose a prize, including sexy panties that wind up being the Shen-san’s Panties. Unfortunately, you can’t wear them. However, you can sell them.

Other options include an additional 1,500,000 yen or a bundle of Nourishment of the Sea King items. Even without those additional rewards, the request is well worth your time if your goal is to earn enough points to learn and upgrade every skill.

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