Where to find all the Sega Master System games in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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In Like a Dragon Gaiden, you can take a break from the action to check out arcades and even play games on an old Sega Master System. Here is our guide telling you where to find all the Sega Master System games in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Like a Dragon Gaiden – where to find all the Sega Master System games

You will find a Sega Master System in the Daidoji Hideout. You gain access to that area early in the campaign. After that, you can visit almost whenever you like. The Sega Master System is in a side room. It comes with several games already available. To find all of the Sega Master System games, you must open coin lockers, use your Spider tool, and acquire them from vendors.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

See the above screenshot for a map showing where to find the hideout. When you first find the Sega Master System , it comes with four games. Those titles are Fantasy Zone, Maze Hunter 3-D, Penguin Land, and Secret Command. You can find the remaining eight games elsewhere.

Where to find the eight additional Sega Master System games

The eight games shouldn’t prove especially difficult to find. You mostly need to check with merchants and game hosts and you pay attention to your surroundings as you explore.

  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World – Search in the Castle. While roaming its main street, spot a sparkling point atop an umbrella awning. Use your Spider tool to grab it from a distance.
  • Alien Syndrome – Open Sotenbori Locker F1. You can acquire Sotenbori Locker Key F1 on the upper floor of the Daidoji Hideout. That is right near its interior entrance.
  • Enduro Racer – Open Sotenbori Locker I4. You can acquire Sotenbori Locker Key I4 in some tree branches. The tree grows along the Sotenbori Footpath.
  • Fantasy Zone II – Open Sotenbori Locker F4. You’ll need to use your Spider tool to snag Sotenbori Locker Key F4. It rests in a narrow gap between two buildings along S. Shofukucho.
  • Flicky – Use your Spider tool to grab it from the top of an umbrella awning. The awning stands along the footpath running along the north side of Sotenbori River.
  • Galaxy Force – Buy it from Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori for 5,500 yen.
  • Global Defense – Exchange 2500 points at the front desk in the Gambling Hall. The establishment is located to the right of the main street leading through the Castle.
  • Quartet – Exchange 2,500 chips at the Casino Exchange Desk in the casino. You’ll find it to the left of the main street leading through the Castle.

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Like A Dragon Gaiden Sega Master System Games List
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It took me a long time to find the Global Defense game. I kept forgetting the Gambling Hall even existed. As you play the individual games, you will complete a series of three entries in the Activity Log. They pay out Akame Points and count toward your overall completion.

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