Wizdom Academy Teaser Trailer Released

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The team at Kipwak Studio has released a new trailer for its magical management game Wizdom Academy.

Taking control of the Headmaster of a Wizarding school, Wizdom Academy will task players with all elements to make it truly magical (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Along the way, players will set out to design their school layout. Players will also get the chance to construct classrooms, exam rooms, mana wells, dormitories, and other elements – the sky’s the limit.

Players will also have to contend with mana droughts, which are becoming increasingly severe and prolonged. One will also set out to uncover the truth behind these mysterious occurrences. This will lead to a number of mystery elements just waiting to be explored.

See it for yourself below:

Wizdom Academy – Teaser Trailer

Wizdom Academy is set to release for Windows PC and macOS via Steam. In the meantime, all those interested can wishlist the title and join the official Discord for the game.

Source: Press Release

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