WoW Dragonflight Demon Hunter tier set would make Illidan proud

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The WoW Dragonflight Demon Hunter tier set has been revealed, showing off the new stylish rewards that are on the way. The new tier set can be obtained by players who achieve a high rank in PvP or complete the first raid of the MMO’s new expansion, the Vault of the Incarnate.

The long-running MMORPG is handing each class a new tier set, each with similar design elements that bind them together. Demon Hunters have some of the fiercest transmogs in all of WoW, with iconic looks like Eternal Curator’s Garb, Felreaper Vestments, and Cruel Gladiator’s Felskin Armor.

Luckily for dedicated Demon Hunter players, WoWhead has shown that this new tier set truly is special and stacks up against the competition. Like the other tier sets in Dragonflight, its Mythic and Elite helm and shoulders feature animated lightning effects which help bring the gear to life. The tier set’s shoulders are enormous curved bones that wrap all the way around the body, protecting a glowing central crystal.

The helm blocks out the eyes in typical Demon Hunter fashion, and has huge cheek bone protectors on the side. It allows the naturally curled DH horns to poke out from the top. As for the chest piece, it also has a crystal right smack in the middle and allows for the skin to breathe creating some nice contrast that helps the gear set stand out.

To obtain parts of the tier set players need to complete Vault of the Incarnates on either Mythic, Heroic, Normal, or LFR. For PvP players, there are two different sets available in both the Elite and Gladiator. Each one of these has a different transmog color wave attached to it. Mythic is white, Hero is light blue, Normal is yellow, LFR is aqua, Elite is fire red, and Gladiator is purple.

The set that stands out the most here is the Gladiator set, as purple is a natural color for the Demon Hunter class and compliments the new gear perfectly.

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