WoW Dragonflight gets major transmog changes

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WoW Dragonflight transmogs are getting a major quality of life upgrade once the popular MMORPG’s next expansion officially launches. Transmogrifications are the ability to switch the appearance of your armour and weapons with those of other items, or to hide certain pieces of armour.

Transmogs have long been popular in World of Warcraft as players can make their characters look as cool as possible with full gear sets they worked hard to unlock. However, one of the more frustrating parts of unlocking transmogs over the years is that players haven’t been able to unlock transmogs for armour types that aren’t available to that specific character. This means that if you want to unlock a difficult transmog to obtain, you’d have to do it on a character that can wear that piece of armour.

Finally, Blizzard are offering players who farm transmogs a lifeline. In the latest build of Dragonflight’s beta, YouTuber MrGM discovered that players can now obtain transmog gear for their alternate characters despite whatever the type of armour it is they wear.

This change is a big deal for the tons of dedicated WoW players who spend huge amounts of time and energy into unlocking transmog sets to either wear themselves or sell for big bucks on the auction house. Blizzard is saving these players huge amounts of time as now they won’t have to swap characters to unlock the transmogs they want.

Although this doesn’t mean that WoW players will be able to wear transmogs from other armour types, it still is a nifty change that will debut once players can initially explore the Dragon Isles when the expansion eventually drops.

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