WoW Dragonflight patch 10.1 lets you unlock cute hats for your dragons

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While there’s plenty in WoW Dragonflight patch 10.1 to explore, including a whole new zone packed with quests and more to uncover, one of its best additions just got even better thanks to the reveal of dragon hats. That’s right, Blizzard’s long-running fantasy MMORPG will now let you unlock dragonriding mount helm customisations by making friends with the adorable new WoW moles, the Niffen.

The Loamm Niffen renown rewards have a lot going for them, giving you plenty of reason to make friends with the scent-based creatures. There’s Snail Racing, a new Morsel Sniffer mount, plenty of item upgrade materials, and even the option to brand yourself with the coveted “smelly” title. However, my personal favourite is the drake helms for your dragonriding buddies.

The option to customise your WoW dragonriding mount’s helm has been visible since the WoW Dragonflight release, but it will now become available in WoW patch 10.1 (via Wowhead). There are various options available to choose between for the different dragonriding mounts that match up nicely to existing armour sets.

You can unlock dragonriding mount helm customisations in WoW Dragonflight by reaching renown level 19 with the Niffen faction. Dragonriding is perhaps one of the best parts of Dragonflight, so I’m very glad to see that our faithful companions will be getting a little more robust head protection to ensure nothing untoward slaps them in their beautiful faces as we soar across the Dragon Isles.

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Cliffside Wylderdrake photo credit: Wowhead.

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