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Light Cone, Relics, and team composition

Support units are incredibly important in Honkai Star Rail, and having an Abundance unit on your team can help you get through some tough fights. Gallagher, a 4-Star Fire Abundance character introduced in Honkai Star Rail version 2.1, is among […]


Best team formations for every situation in AFK Journey

Your team’s starting formation in AFK Journey is the dealbreaker between a crushing defeat and a monumental victory. Even a top-tier team organized poorly will fail if it’s put together poorly. That is why you need to know the best […]


Best light cone, relics, and team composition

Now that he is back, is time to equip him with the best gear and skills there are in the game. Here is the best Jing Yuan build in Honkai Star Rail. Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan best build Jing […]


Sonic Dream Team Content Update 1 Now Available

Now available for SEGA Hardlight’s Sonic Dream Team, Content Update 1 brings with it Time Trials, new Boss Missions, and more. Also known as Version 1.2, Sonic Dream Team’s Content Update 1 features Time Trials. In them, players will set […]


Sonic Dream Team Review – GamersHeroes

Overall – 80% 80% Forgive the obvious pun, but Sonic Dream Team is a dream come true for Sonic fans. While it runs a bit on the short side, those looking for some classic high speed Sonic action will welcome […]


Sonic Dream Team Launch Trailer Released

Now available exclusively for Apple Arcade, get ready for SEGA Hardlight’s Sonic Dream Team with the launch trailer for the game. Players will once again follow Sonic and his friends as they traverse a bizarre world of dreams in an […]